1. You declare you are the lawful owner of the items and they are authentic from the boutique. You agree to fully disclose any other information with regards to the items.
2. In the event if you are found to be negligent, Madam Milan shall report all fraudulent and illegal acts to the local authority. And the full amount paid to you must be returned to Madam Milan.
3. You agree to provide Madam Milan a copy of your official identification document with your personal particulars subject to the terms and conditions of our Privacy Policy.
4. You consent to Madam Milan to contact you on the statuses of the items, promotions, events and notifications even if you have signed up with Do Not Call (DNC) Registry.
5. While Madam Milan will exercise proper due care to handle your items, they are left at our stores at your own risks. We will not be held liable for the normal wear and tear during the ordinary course of the business, loss or damage (break-in theft, fire and any other causes etc. of the items.
6. You may drop off or get your items valued at our retail stores. Madam Milan will revert on our proposal whether to buy (pay you cash on the spot) or consign (sell item on your behalf) or lastly return your item. The proposal is valid for 3 business days and you shall collect your item within 7 business days should you decide not to deal with us. Either hard copy or electronic copy of this form must be produced to collect your item.



7. a) Consignment duration : minimum 1 month and maximum 3 months.
    b) Withdrawal of item before 1st month: S$50 admin fee chargeable per item.
    c) Consignor is allowed to withdraw their item any time after the mandatory 1st month period with prior notification to us.
    d) Consignor is responsible to monitor their item status and collect back unsold item after the 3 month due.
    e) Failing which, the take back amount will be automatically applied as below:


Consignment Duration               Take Back Amount
1st to 3rd Month100% of agreed amount
4th to 6th Month80% of agreed amount
7th Month onwards50% of agreed amount


8. During this period, you also allow Madam Milan to work with our business partners to sell your item through external retail events and other online platforms.
9. Madam Milan reserves the right to renegotiate the take-back amount of the item with you if an offer is being made by a genuine buyer. Item will only be sold upon your consent on the revised take-back amount.
10. We will inform you via SMS/phone once your item is sold. Payment will be made 14 business days after the item is sold. Either hard copy or electronic copy of this form must be produced to collect payment.


Terms Of Sale

1. All items sold are non-exchangeable, non-returnable and non-refundable.
2. Madam Milan guarantees the authenticity of all items. 100% money back guarantee if the item is found not of origin. Refund will only be made upon the provision of proof/confirmation issued by the authorized dealer. Otherwise, all sales are final.
3. Some item(s) has a 70% consignment value within 3 months of purchase if is/are in good condition. We reserve the right not to take back the item(s) unless stated otherwise.
4. All items sold are in their present retail condition, please examine item before making purchase. Madam Milan will be not held responsible for wear & tear occurring after the sale.
5. Madam Milan reserves the right to revise the terms set forth above at any time without prior notification.
* Based on 12 months Installment Payment Plan(IPP).